Bernadetta Dziubinski


I’m a full time artist living and working in Trentham. Art and interior design is my great passion. Most of my paintings are acrylic, oil or mixed on stretched canvas and board. My art is constantly born from a variety of inspirations, and I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it. Over the years, my work has found its way to public places, doctor’s offices, receptions, writing and composition studios, and many private homes in Great Britain, Poland, France, Germany, Latvia, Dubai, Brussels and the USA. My paintings have been bought by fantastic interior designers and are part of amazing interiors. I took part in a group of local exhibitions. The most interesting event in my career was creating the cover for an album by a band playing alternative music. The images I created were published in three issues of the prestigious House & Garden magazine. The most important message of my work is giving joy and arousing positive emotions. Each painting, and there are already about 300 of them, is a game of color and discovering new techniques. There are still a million new ideas in my head.

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