Members’ Gallery Stores

The Society Of Staffordshire Artists (SSA) makes available to each of its members, free of charge, a sub-domain of its main domain, for example:, to enable SSA members to sell their works of art.

Please note that for the duration that this paragraph is shown, the gallery-stores shown below are intended to serve as examples only, to enable members to see what can be done.

Any paid-up member who would like to have their own gallery-store for just £5.00 per month should contact Paul Newcastle, by using the Contact Form of this website (see navigation menu).

Mike Reeves’ Gallery
John Thirlwall’s Gallery


The SSA does not create the members’ gallery-stores (which members can do by arrangement with a 3rd party, Betley Digital Services), nor does SSA impose rules nor standards, nor does it take any responsibility whatsoever for the operations of the gallery-stores nor the quality nor price nor any other aspect of the works of art displayed thereon; nor for the conduct of the members in their customer- and/or trading-relationships.