Over the years I have been asked to how I create my seascapes. What is my process? I once painted in the street outside a gallery in the centre of Shrewsbury which was very uplifting although very nervous at first.

I mainly work on 6mm MDF which has a minimum of 4 coats of white gesso on before I start painting on it. The back of the MDF is sealed with a PVA and water solution to seal it and give added protection to the panel. The painting is done in layers. I use oil paint. This requires a lot of patience, because a new layer is not started until the previous layer is dry. To help speed up the process I use the medium Liquin Original (which also adds a gloss to the artwork)… patience is the key with my style of painting, especially as sometimes I like to add plenty of detail, most of my artworks are done over a period of time of about two weeks, working between two and four hours per session weekdays.

I work mainly from photographs. One day I would like to retire to the seaside and have a seaview for inspiration.I hope you anjoy this little insight into how I do things.

Paul Newcastle
Society Of Staffordshire Artists Member.