Members of Society of Staffordshire Artists (SSA) will join local artists, invited guests and Newcastle-under-Lyme Mayor, Simon White, at the opening of the Alston Emery Art Trail at 10am on Tuesday 30 July, 2019.

Please come along if you’d also like to walk in the footsteps of past SSA member Alston Emery.

Meet at Alston House, 33 Marsh Parade, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, (near the Rigger pub).

The walk is to encourage cultural gatherings and to raise awareness of the arts in the town centre.


We’ll be popping in to see Ruth and Henry in Trent Art part-way around, stopping at other interesting locations and seeing Alston’s originals up close at Brampton Museum and Gallery.

The trail was devised by SSA member, Nick Moore for Newcastle Borough Council.