Margaret Rowntree

Margaret Rowntree


I first became a member of the Society in 1965. Raising my family and resuming my teaching career caused me to resign a short time later. It was to be another forty years before I once more became a member. Retirement gave me the opportunity to concentrate on my own painting again, having taught art to all ages of children and young people from infants to grammar school pupils studying for advanced exams.

Throughout those years I used ways that art can be integrated with other areas of study as well as teaching children to discover their ability to be creative. To observe the way that children develop, as their art passes through several, distinct stages, has been a privilege not enjoyed by many teachers.

Having used most materials in art including oils and pastels, I discovered that watercolour is like no other medium. It can be used like oils, Acrylic or on its own as a transparent paint. I never tire of experimenting with various techniques, new papers and colours and the wonderful “accidents” which happen with the flow of watercolour which cannot be achieved by any other medium that I know of.

I draw inspiration from my surroundings. Painting makes you view the world differently so that you tend to see subjects for picture-making everywhere you look. Whatever causes an undeniable thrill within me has to be recorded with my pencil, paint or camera.

I feel honoured to have exhibited in the R.I. in the Mall Galleries in London and to have been a past Vice-President of the Society of Staffordshire Artists.