This was my second, and rather more successful, attempt at digital art, in January 2017.

Again I free-hand copied an Australian sunset photo, and used the same seagull that I’d used in my first effort. By this time I’d gained confidence that I could produce a reasonable result so I applied myself more diligently and was very pleasantly surprised at what I achieved.

Bearing in mind that digital art involves painting in multiple layers which can be replaced, I’d say it’s much easier than conventional painting. I’m not much of an artist. I’m not trained, I’m not much experienced, the most serious art I ever made was to paint jungle and animal murals in the interior and the vivaria of a Wildlife Centre’s Reception and Reptile House, in household gloss paint! But digital art has taken my skills far forward, and I was even awarded a 2nd Prize at the 2017 Betley Show!